Our Team

Meet our talented and highly enthusiastic team

Our Values

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Continuous Learning

Because we are in a fast-paced industry, where one’s knowledge and skills become useless if one doesn’t learn on a daily basis. We have no choice but continuous learning. We don’t need a project or someone to push us to learn; we learn by ourselves because we love learning.

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A Strong Sense of Responsibility

In teamwork and individual work, finger pointing or avoiding responsibility by blaming others won’t change anything, whatsoever, in the work progress. Instead, we share the bear of the individual’s, team’s and company’s responsibility

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Perfection and Distinction

Because whoever chooses to work with us and pays for our services knows about our competition yet they choose us for our perfected quality work. What distinguishes us is our attention to details that others might miss.

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Seriousness and Fun

When it comes to work and customer commitment, we are dead serious! But we also allow oursleves to have some fun.. actually a lot of fun


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As much as we value hard work, we also value fun and relaxation. That’s why you’ll find us fun and easy going as well as enjoy our hangout facilities as: a tennis table, mini golf, our shared library and many more.

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Flexible hours

Need to work around school drop-offs and pick-ups? Just not a morning person? No worries. Our core business hours are 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.

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Qdrah bar

Our bar is full of fresh fruits, biscuits and “junk food” – all free, with all kinds of coffee machines (Americano, Espresso, Cappuccino, Turkish and Arabic).

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Training and Development

We run a variety of many trainings both in-house (by our local talent) and online trainings. We also dedicate a yearly budget for individual trainings. At Qdrah, you never stop learning.

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Our Leaves

The company offers 5 days in the year as an emergency leave and we have the longest leave ever 24 week days (without weekends)

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Great Location

Right next door to our office, we have a supermarket, donuts and coffee shop, shawarma and other great food with delivery right to our door step!

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Social events

We have an awesome social calendar that includes Ramadan breakfast, bring-your-kids-to-work day, annual company anniversary party, and much more.

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Qdrah’s clubs

Our own Toastmaster club to help you improve your speaking and leadership skills. We also have a weekly reading club to help you finish some of the “to-read” list of books on your shelf.

What does the recruitment process
look like at Qdrah ?

  • 1

    Phone Screening

    It starts with a quick and friendly phone call so we get to know a little more about you and wether you’re fit for the role, and you get to learn a little more about us

  • 2

    First Interview

    We’ll arrange an interview (usually with the hiring manager and department manager) to really dive into your skills and experience and how they relate to Qdrah

  • 3

    Practical Task

    If the interview goes well, some roles might require you to complete a task (like a programming challenge, or a hypothetical case study) so we get to see you in action

  • 4

    Second Interview

    We’ll arrange a second interview to discuss the outcome of your work on the task. You might also get to meet new members of Qdrah team

  • 5

    Job Offer

    If you qualify for the job by passing the previous stages, we will send you an offer for the job

Open Roles

Marketing Specialist

نبحث عن شخص شغوف ومهتم بالتسويق ينضم لفريق “زد” يهمنا أن يكون المتقدم "قدّها ومستعد فعلاً أن يُحدث نقلة نوعية في التجارة الالكترونية في المملكة والعالم العربي بانضمامه لهالفريق


Can't find the role you're looking for? Tell us!

UI Developer

Combine the art of design with the art of programming.


Translating user research into sitemaps, wireframes and prototypes.

IT Project coordinator

Coordinator who will run, administer and organise all project activities

Back-end developer

Managing the interchange of data between the server and the users.


With our amazing training and development opportunities, you’ll get the chance to be even better at what you do.